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What is bar code

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A barcode is the image representation of data where data is represented using an image of bars(lines) and spaces. Barcode is mostly used in retail shops for products items. There are so many uses of barcodes such as for id cards and postal mail to identify product id, person or location. The barcode is a sequence of vertical bars and spaces to represent data or id. A bar code symbol has mainly five parts: a quiet zone, a start character, data characters, a stop character, and another quiet zone.

Barcode symbols are only readable using a barcode reader. A barcode scanner uses a laser beam for reading bar codes symbologies which take input from barcodes to computers or laptops. UPC(Uniform Product Code) is 12 digit numeric codes mostly uses in retail stores.EAN(European Article Number) developed by Joe Woodland the inventor of the bar code system, is 13 digit numeric codes is also widely used. POSTNET is another bar coding system mostly using for ZIP codes(in bulk mailing) in the United States.

There are several bar codes systems using for different uses, industries and geographic needs. barcodes and barcode readers are mostly used in retail stores and supermarkets. they are also used for chequebooks from a library to truck manufacturing and shipment, uses in different id cards and tracking results of mail marketing.