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What is UPC code

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UPC code

UPC(Universal Product Code) is a 12-digit numeric code for identifying a particular item in retail inventory. It has two parts machine-readable barcode which consists of a set of black lines with different thickness and spaces and the unique 12 digit number.

UPC is used to find easily by scanned any items product features, such as brand name, item, size and colour. UPC is very quickly processing for this. UPC is also used for tracking inventory for any warehouses or stores.

UPC is first used by GS1 US and maintained by Global Standards Organization, formerly known as the Uniform Code Council.

First 6 digit of a UPC is manufacturer identification number. It identifies an items particular manufacturer number. Next five digits is an item number which is used to ensure that the same number isn't used more than once. The last digit in the UPC is the check digit to ensure to the checkout scanner that the UPC is valid or right. If the check digit code is false, the UPC won’t scan properly.

UPC has several advantages to maintain or trucking an inventory. By using UPC it's easy and fast to identify a product, it's price and so more information by using a barcode scanner. It's also made easy to find any items information for auditing particular items.