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What is EAN number

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What is EAN number

What is EAN number : EAN number is International Article Number also known as European Article Number is a numeric barcode number which is used in global trade or business to identify a specific retail product type, packaging configuration a from a specific manufacturer. This standard system is maintained by the GS1 organization. EAN barcodes are used by retail business owners for point of sale and other product retailed operations. It is easy to use, by scanning a product using barcode scanner we can quickly operate any product operations. It's super fast and safe our valuable times.

The popular EAN number standard is 13 digit, EAN-13, the less popular EAN number is 8 digit, EAN-8 is used only limited space, for example, chocolate packages.

EAN-13 is a superset of UPC-A means any device who is able to read EAN can also able to read UPC-A, the only difference is that UPC-A used single digits 0 to 9 and EAN consist of is double digits 00 to 99.

What is EAN number : More about EAN-13

Probably the most popular EAN number may be the thirteen-digit EAN-13, the superset of the initial 12-digit UPC code (UPC-A) which developed by George M. Laurer in 1970. An EAN-13 number has four parts. Here I describe these parts.

1.GS1 prefix : The first three digits in the EAN-13 (GS1 Prefix) usually recognize the GS1 Member Code which usually indicating the country or type of product. EAN-13 codes beginning with 0 are actually 12-digit UPC codes with prepended 0 digits.

2.Manufacturer code: After GS1-prefix the next 5 digit is manufacturer code indicating the unique id of manufacture. This code is greatly helping for maintaining the manufacture label.

3.Product code: The item code is given by the manufacturer team. The item code is designed according to the manufacturer code. The sum of manufacturer code and product code should be 9 or 10 digits depending of the length of country code (2-3 digits).

4.Check digit: Check digit is an extra digit which is used to verify that a barcode is scanned correctly.

Characteristics of EAN-13:

1.Symbol ID: ]E0
2.Capacity: 13 numeric
4.Supports GTIN-13
5.Does not support attributes

EAN-8 is a special barcode to identify products in limited space which used to pass a checkout.

Characteristics of EAN-8:

1.Symbol ID: ]E4
2.Capacity: 8 numeric
4.Supports GTIN-8
5.Does not support attributes

How to get an EAN number for your products :

Generally, European retail products use EAN-13 barcode. EAN code is maintained by the GS1 organization. So you can’t generate it as you wish. You have to apply to GS1 to get your products EAN number. That’s why every products EAN number is unique all over the world. After getting your EAN number from GS1 you can generate a barcode using that number and print it and finally can using for global business.