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How to Start an eCommerce Business : A Complete Guide for Beginners

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how to start an eCommerce Business

In the era of eCommerce, many people want to start an eCommerce business, but they have not any knowledge about an eCommerce business. This article is for the people. Here I discuss how to start a successful eCommerce business.

What is an eCommerce business: An eCommerce business is an online store where the customer's order products via online and eCommerce business staff's ship the ordered products in the customer's address. Day by day people becoming smarter, they enjoy online shopping rather than go to a shopping mall. They can shop at home. How imaging! Really enjoyable. It's also open a great door for busy persons.

Want to take this greatest business trending opportunity? Have not any idea how to start. Let's start.

How to start an eCommerce business

eCommerce business is an online store where people find the store in a definite address name, This address name is a domain name. When you using facebook write the domain name facebook.com in your browser address bar. To start an online business you also need a domain name.

What is the domain name?

This domain name is like a local business name you registered from local government and have to pay the fee to renew every year. A domain name is same as the local business where you need to register a domain name and have to renew every year. You can get a domain name from domain name providers like who.is, Godaddy.com, Name.com and have many other providers. You can buy from the anywhere of them. Remember you only purchase that name which has not yet register from any other person. You also need to know domain name has some deferent TLD's like .com (.com referred to a company), .org (.org referred to an Organization) and so many. It's better to buy a .com TLD. It's the most popular TLD in the world.

What is hosting?

Hosting is like a local business showroom or space. When customers coming to your local business address they can see your products demo, if choose they buy your products. Like that domain is your business name but when going to in your domain address, they want to see your products information including price, products pictures and so on. To keep your business and products information need a hosting(a space to keep your information). You keep your business information in the hosting under a domain name. When you are in a local business, you have to build a business apartment and need to decorate your business showroom before opening the business for the customers. A housing is likely a ground land, you have to develop it for an eCommerce business. Web developers developed your website. It's better to buy both two service from same provider.

What is website development?

A hosting is a blank ground to develop a website. When you visit a website like amazon.com, you can see many pages and any information. Web developers develop your eCommerce site for managing online stores and user orders. So before starting your eCommerce business, you need to develop your eCommerce site from web developers. It's can find many free developing woo-commerce temples or buy premium woo-commerce templates from online with a little money. For this only need to install the theme in your hosting cpanel ( a control panel for managing your website given by domain hosting provider when buying your domain hosting). There are many tutorials online like youtube.com for installing the theme in your cpanel.

After finishing the above tasks you are ready to start your eCommerce business. The next goal is to start your eCommerce marketing properly.