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Business Theft Prevention Tips

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If you are a business owner, this post is for you. Theft is a major problem of modern retail business. So, it's an essential duty for every business owner to protect theft as soon as possible. Otherwise, he or she will lose his or her business.

But at first, you have to know the type of cheating may happen in your business. Then you need to take the step to protect it.

Types of cheating may happen in your business :

Shoplifting by customers: Shoplifting by customers is one of the major sources of stock loss. According to the National Retail Security Survey of 2018, 35% of the stock loss of retail stores is for it. Some customers have a trend to shoplift items for their personal use or for resale.

Employee theft: Some employees theft products for their personal use or resell to make extra cash. About 30-35% of stock loss is occurred by employees. So, It's important to protect it.

Administrative cheating: You accounts management staff may cheat you in pen and papers. Your stock manager may also cheat you. It's also possible you lost benefits for administrative errors or mistakes. So, it's important to ensure proper administrative management.

How to protect :

Use security cameras: Using security cameras is the popular way to protect shoplifting and employee theft. But it's also important to monitor all times.

Audit Regularly: Audit your stocks and accounts regularly. If any inconvenience is found, take step instantly.

Use management software: A good business management software may be a good solution for your stocks and accounts audit. By using it, you can get any information in the right time for right use.