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Beginners Guide for eCommerce Marketing

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eCommerce marketing

eCommerce marketing is not the same as content marketing. Here you can't generate any money from users visits or clicks, you can only generate money from sales. So, it's important to keep your trustworthiness in every level of works. There are many trusted online sources to generate your sales via online. But you need to be smart for a successful eCommerce business. This sector is global, so your marketing standard must be international. Here I give step by step guides to be successful in eCommerce Marketing.

Let's start

Social Media for eCommerce Marketing:

Social media is a great one for digital marketing. First, create your social media profiles for your business. Complete your profile completely and smartly. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest all of these are great for social media marketing. But Instagram is the best one for eCommerce. After completing your social media profiles, post some useful contents about your business and products information. Write great contents with some great graphics (images or videos)which can able to attract your targeted audiences. Then find your business competitor pages, follow their followers and you start getting your target audiences. Pay attention to your daily tasks to succeed in social media marketing. To get the great result immediately start your advertisement program. Advertisement success depends on your expertness. To be successful keep attention to reach the best audiences. See an example: suppose you have e-Commerce business of t-shirt. If your business local based you set the local area, age, gender or may be added professions like students in your ad campaign. To get a good result, continue your add program at least three months.

See the key points of social media marketing for eCommerce business:

1. Instagram is best for products marketing. Create your Instagram account, input your website link in the profile link, give a great profile description, post products regularly. Follow your competitor's profiles follow the followers, unfollow an follow every day. Don't so many follow and unfollow in new accounts. It's better to start 5-10 follow in the new account, day by day increase your follow and unfollow rate. Follow the strategy, after some month you will succeed to generate sales from Instagram.

2. Pinterest is best for baby and moms related products. The marketing strategy is the same as Instagram.

3.Twitter is best for your product or business branding, not very good for product marketing. Branding is also an important factor in business success. So, In twitter follow the same strategy.

4. On Facebook, create an awesome business page, increase your followers. The advertisement program is best for this, but keep attention for finding your targeted audiences.

5. LinkedIn is a network for professionals. So, if professionals are your customers. Follow the same strategy, but in LinkedIn, not need to unfollow.

SEO: The Best Strategy For ecommerce Marketing:

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. People generate billions of searches each day in major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and so on. When they find your web pages in the top search pages for a specific keyword they visit your webpage and learn about your business or products. To get the top results in search pages, Search engines have some criteria you have to achieve, the process of achieving the top results in search engines is called Seach Engine Optimization. Here I discuss more details about how to get a good result in SEO.

Starting Tasks:

1. Submit website in Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster: Submit your website URL in Google search console using your Gmail account for tracking your Seo performance in Google. Also, submit website on other popular search engines including Bing.

2. Google analytics: Submit your website URL on google analytics for tracking user's activities.

SEO Analyser:

Purchase SEO analysis software services like Moz, Semrush, Ahref, longtailpro for analysis keywords and competitor's activities including on page quality, backlinks etc.

On-page Optimization:

1. Keyword: Search your targeted buying keyword like "t shirt shop in new orleans" which is low-competitive you can achieve top position in top search results and monthly search volume is enough to generate sales at least 300.

2. Content: Content is the king. Content must be informative and attractive for the users.

3. Technical optimization: Keywords in page title, h1 tag, h2 tag, keyword density, at least 1 image, image alter tag, content length, macro data implementation like ogp, schema.org, page speed, internal links distribution all are important for on-page SEO.

Off-page Optimization:

1. Social profiles: Social profiles are also important for SEO. Follow the above part of this article to be strong in social media.

2. Backlinks: Backlinks are the links from another webpage pointing to your web pages. Get quality backlinks for the quality web pages. If your on pages SEO is ok and you have some quality backlinks, It's easy to rank your web pages in low competitive keywords within a short time.

User Experiences:

Search engines also track the user experience. If the users behave are positive search engines keep it positive and increase your positions in SERP pages. So, keep attention about your web pages design, contents, and products quality.

Ad Programs:

Organic SEO is a little bit slow. Sometimes it's needed so many times to achieve top positions in SERP results. To get instant sales, it's better to start your ad programs. There are many trusted ad networks like Google AdWords, media.net and so on. Ad programs are the same as organic SEO, the only difference is that here give more money to take a more good position. Here keyword analysis is also very important to get maximum sales with a minimum budget.

Email Marketing: Another Good One For ecommerce Business

Email marketing is another good marketing strategy for eCommerce. In email marketing, some email addresses are collected which may be converted your customers and send the product news to generate sales. Sometimes eCommerce leaders purchase email address for various agencies, I don't recommeded it, most of the times those email addresses are inactive and your money and time both are lost. It's better to add email subscriptions to your websites and collect your real customer's addresses and send them products updates regularly. Though collecting email form email collectors are not good at all, You can try it at the beginning periods of your business.

The Bottom Line:

This article gives you a great map of your eCommerce marketing. To do the tasks properly in every step you need to study more and you can take help from Google, Bing, Youtube or you can purchase premium tutorials from udemy, Lynda or other premium sites.