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Consider some matters before starting a business

Before starting a business you must consider some matters for your successful future. First of all , select your business type. Consider which business type is more preferable according to your experience, capability of invest, your social status and your kind of mind. If all is OK then select your business place. Place is an very important part for any kind of business.Market analysis is another vital part for a business. Analysis market and customer demands.Than make a plan of your business starup works.Such as trade licence, rent business spaces, select manpower and than start yours works.
In more details:

1. Select business type :

Selecting business sector which is popular in your location , have any experience in this sector, consider your capabilty , is it easy to get a licence , is it enjoyable for you and it is long lasting business. If all ok then select. If none is 100% ok choose the near one. If you have options more than one than consider the most preferable.

2. Select business location :

Business posibility may vary according to your location, population culture, human behavior and so many factors. Choose better one for better posibility.

3.Market analysis :

Analysis market according to your customer demands, culture, future posibility.

3.Manpower :

Manpower is the driver of your business. Plan your to organasize human resource management department with honest, punctual and industrial men.

4. Make a master plan :

Than make a plan to start your work as soon as posible.

5. Start your works :

Finaly do not satisfied only only with your plan. Start today.

Those steps are very common, but so much important for start up a business.

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