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How to start a new inventory business

Think your business ideas, which is better for you according to your ability or capacity. Then listed your better ideas. Analysis market, your positions and find better paths to go forward .


1. Must follow your govt rules .

2. Must avoid illegal ideas .

3. Keep your honesty .

4. Don't be full to maintain your business .

5. Believe everyone but must justify honesty .

6. Must follow sincerity.

7. Audit your business .

8. Analysis market and customers demands .

We believe after maintaining all , your progress must go forward .

How to use our inventory management

Inventory software services is a online cloud based inventory control management for your small retail business. Here how can start and using this software :

How to start : Visit and click free software. Then click start management , select your plan and fill all the fields go ahead according to direction.

How to start company and users : Login to super user using your email and password . Then click add new company give a company username and all other fields.

How to start add users: Then click add new user under your company. Fill all the fields.

How to go your software from your super admin panel : Login to super admin and click go button from your company listing.

How to use: Your company users can login to software using software user. Give the company username, software users username and password. then click login.

Add vendors: If you have a retail business you must have some vendors from where you purchase products to sell. Add vendors and must follow at this time you have balance or dues from vendors. it's important for vendor leader.

Add products: Then go to products and add products under the vendors.

Opening products: Write products name(that's already added) and then press enter,fill the quantity and press enter or add. Write another products and add into right hand window. Finally press control or click invoice. Add all your opening products add to your current stock .

Purchase order: To create a purchase order fill vendors primary key and then press enter if the vendors exist vendors details is visible and if the vendor is new , fill the details and for next time you find all details. Then go to product title , start writing, if product is already added you can find it in auto fill options, if new go to product name, fill product name, size quantity , purchase rate, sells rate and all other fields. Press insert or click add to add in right hand window. Fill your payment details and click order.

Purchase invoice: According to order (same process) you can add your invoice.

Purchase Order to invoice: Go to your purchase order page. Fill your order no press enter then click invoice.

Vendor payments: For your vendors related any payments fill vendor primary, key press enter , fill amounts and click invoice.

Purchase return products:According to order (same process) you can add your products return invoice.

Add customer: Add your customers same as vendor add.

Sells order:According to order (same process). Only difference here you use customer primary key.

Sells invoice: Same as purchase invoice .

Sells order to invoice: Same as purchase .

Customer payments: Same as vendor payments .

Stock: Stock is automatically update according to your purchase, sells and returns . Here can can easily see highest to lowest stock, lowest to highest stocks and vendor wise stock.

Daily cost maintain: You can maintain easily various types of cash in and cash out.

Bank leader: You can maintains your bank accounts debit , credit.

Reports: You can any any date , vendor and customer wise reports.

Notes: You can keep daily notes .

Accounts: Checks your accounts to see what's your progress.

Conclusion: We have also so many features , see our demo and tell you (not we) your measurements .