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Inventory Software Services : About Us

We work with inventory management services for your better business management. Our team members are very userfriendly to give you better services. Here is about our top team members.

Mohammad Ali

I am Mohammad Ali , Founder CEO of Inventory Software Services. I am also a software developer . I works with inventory management software for small business. It's very important to a businessman to properly maintain his or her business, Analyse regularly and make a marketing policy to go ahead.

Monzila Khatun

Monzila Khatun , Chairman of Inventory Software Services. She is a an inventory business reseacher and also advisor of our company.

Md.Imran Hasan

He is a little man, but very zenius java developer and php developer. Works with our server support.

Mahamuda Ali

Manager and admin support works with customers, very friendly and effective leader.